Running a Raffle with Rafflebox

Before you start a raffle with Rafflebox, read our frequently asked questions to find answers to common questions!

  1. What is the cost to run an online 50/50 or prize raffle with Rafflebox?

    Nothing upfront! Your non-profit organization can use the funds raised from your raffle to pay for the administration costs of running a raffle on the platform. All raffle proceeds are deposited into a bank account managed by your organization and fees associated with running a raffle are invoiced after the raffle. Credit card processing fees are charged at time of ticket purchase.

    Once a 50/50 raffle is complete, the winner receives half the total jackpot. Your organization receives the other half. Once a prize raffle is complete, the winner(s) receives the prize(s). Your organization receives all funds raised.

  2. Can anyone run a raffle?

    No. You must be a registered non-profit or charity within the state you are looking to run a raffle with Rafflebox.

  3. When is payment due?

    Merchant fees - or credit card processing fees - are deducted directly at the time of ticket purchase; all remaining costs associated with running a Rafflebox are invoiced to the organization hosting the raffle after the raffle is completed.

  4. Do I need a bank account? How does that link to the raffle?

    Every organization running a raffle requires a third-party Stripe account that is linked to your organization's chequing account.

    Stripe is an online merchant that facilitates safe and secure online payments between groups. The organization will enter their information and bank information through our dashboard. Funds raised from your raffle are deposited into this Stripe account and managed exclusively by your organization. These funds take up to 5-7 business days to be available in the Rafflebox dashboard for deposit into your organization's chequing account. Rafflebox cannot access this account.

  5. How do I sell tickets?

    Rafflebox makes selling tickets easy for your organization. Once your raffle is live, simply share your raffle link via email and social media.

  6. Can sales be tracked to individual ticket sellers?

    Yes, in addition to your raffle link, Rafflebox offers custom links - called “in support of” - so you can track sales back to each member, volunteer or organization. When a ticket buyer uses a custom link to make a purchase, the sale is automatically tracked to that individual or organization.

    Alternatively, raffle ticket buyers can visit your raffle page and use the “in support of” feature to select an individual or organization to support. Simply click “in support of” and a drop-down menu of all participating ticket sellers will be displayed for your choosing.

    The “Top Fundraisers” tab on your raffle page acts as a real-time leaderboard and displays ticket sales by individual or organization throughout your campaign.

    Ticket sellers will receive an email notification when a purchase is made in support of you, your child or your organization. Your supporter (ticket purchaser) will also receive an automated thank-you email with their ticket numbers!

  7. What are the next steps? How do I get started?

    We're excited to help you raise money for your great cause!

    Complete our simple form and a member of the Rafflebox team will follow up with an agreement to finalize details.