Chase Sanctuary 50/50 Holiday Raffle

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winner takes $6,925

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Sat Dec 23 2023

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100 for $100

20 for $40

4 for $20

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Fri Dec 01 2023

Sales End

Sat Dec 23 2023

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Sat Dec 23 2023

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Chase Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservancy


Ticket Number: C-6724

Drawn On: Sat Dec 23 2023

Chase Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservancy is excited to announce our 50/50 Holiday Raffle! Add some cash to your holiday stash!

One lucky ticket holder will win 50% of the money raised!  Our previous raffle jackpot was over $30,000!

Chase Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservancy focuses on preserving endangered species by combining our resources with other zoological facilities to maintain diverse bloodlines of endangered and exploited species. By partnering with groups in South America and Madagascar, we aid in the reforestation of destroyed rainforests and, with continued success, repopulating critically endangered species. Through education and outreach, we help to reverse misinformation and identify threats these unique animals face, both here in the U.S. and in their natural habitats, that are disappearing at an alarming rate. In addition to our work with endangered species, we take in exotic animals that outlive their owners, most commonly large birds and tortoises, as well as other animals from the zoological community. 

Your support will:

  • provide care for over 150 animal residents, including endangered species (Ruffed lemurs, Ring-tailed lemurs, Cotton-top tamarins) and many more.
  • help build and maintain safe enclosures and habitats.
  • provide healthy diets.
  • develop enrichment activities to encourage exploring.
  • secure preventative treatments and life-saving medical care when needed.

The winner will be contacted to claim their jackpot!

* If you're missing emails or tickets, please check your junk or spam folders; otherwise, you can email support at [email protected] for help.

We appreciate your support!

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